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Professional Facial products, worth the cost?

May 27, 2019

Probably the number one complaint clients have when they receive a facial is the recommended facial products promising any number of supposid miracles. The question is, are they worth it, or is the drug store find just as good?

Number one. Are you coming in for a relaxing treat or are you wanting to correct some actual skin concerns? 

If you are not concerned with any particular skin care issue, then by all means, there are some drug store brands that can offer some moisturizing components as well as sunscreen protection. 

I can tell you this though, if you want to correct some kind of skin issue (whether acne, hyperpigmentation, aging) then YES! professional products are worth the cost. The main difference between OTC (over the counter) products and products that are available at a liscensed estheticians office is, our products contain medical grade ingredients. In order for your esthetician to sell you these products, they have to be properly trained on that specific product line.

For example: Your local drug mart may have a night cream with glycolic acid - look at the percentage of the glycolic in that product, FAR LESS than what you get from a professional product. Meaning FAR BETTER AND QUICKER results for you!  Secondly, professional products go a lot further.  You only need a small amount of that same product to have amazing results.

The best is to start with 3 simple products. A cleanser, a night cream (corrective) and a day cream WITH SPF. If you cannot afford three products, hands down the BEST bang for your buck is your day cream with spf.  

Hope this helps! Until next time, namaste!


UPDATE! Has arrived and ready to book!

I wanted to wait until I had this machine in the clinic before writing about all the wonderful reasons why you should have this service done, but I just couldn't wait!

This FDA approved fat freezing machine will be available to all my amazing clients, hopefully by September 2019.  It had been a bit of a process to obtain one of these machines as I wanted to make sure:

1) That its a safe machine from a reputable company

2) I'm not going to lie, its expensive, lol


It's so close I thought lets discuss if its really all that its hyped up to be

The biggest question I get asked is cost and if there is actual results.

First the cost - Yes its a pricier service but I can't give an exact amount of what its going to cost you until you come in for a consult. It is individualized to each person as the amount of adipose tissue (fat), area to be treated and build of each client determines what size handle we use and time it takes

Second - Results - Yes there is results! Again this varies with each client. The best way to explain results is: your clothes will fit more comfortably and you will feel more comfortable with yourself.

SO if you don't want a huge down time with surgery (not to mention the cost of surgery) AND you are patient for results (sometimes can take upwards of 3-6 months before final results are seen) THEN this is definately the treatment for you! All in all relatively low cost for virtually no down time with fantastic results!

Book your consult soon! 780-995-8532 or use the contact me link.


August 28, 2019

It is here!! Oh the wonderful world of filler!

If you are like me and want "a little something - something" but don't want downtime or simply, you just do not want to break the bank - THEN THIS IS FOR YOU!

In the last few years, needleless filler has become all the rage.  Certified aestheticians can now offer this service as it is delivered via a totally safe method! This is great for nasolabial lines, marionette lines, "11's (frown lines), across cheek bone, lip lines, chin lines, plumping lips - pretty much if you have a line, we can tackle it!

Using a pressurized pen (similar to what some diabetics use to deliver their insulin) we can inject the same fillers that your dermatologist uses!  The biggest difference is the pen DOES NOT deliver the product deep into the dermal layer. What does this mean? NO POSSIBLE OCCLUSION of any nerve or blood routes. (This is the number one danger from traditional methods of getting filler.)

Simply put, the filler is evenly dispersed just under the dermal layer (called the papillary layer) to gently fill lines or plump up those lips!

This is meant to be soft and natural. If you are looking for super dramatic (change the shape of my face procedures), then definitely a trip to your local dermatologist is in order. BUT if you just want a little "something something" on a budget!? THEN I'm the queen to see!