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Hyaluron Needleless Pen

With No-Needle filler, there is no pain, unnecessary trauma and swelling of the skin and no downtime. You can go back to your daily activity right away and don't have to worry about being lumpy and red for the day! The results are instant and long-lasting. I can treat the entire face including; smile lines, lips, chin, jowls, hollow eyes, cheeks and frown lines between brows!

I use a filler that is 100% pure (cross-linked) hyaluronic acid—a naturally occurring substance in your skin that helps to add volume and hydration. Injecting HA gel under the skin helps to instantly restore your skin’s volume and smooth away facial wrinkles and folds, like your “smile lines” or “parentheses” (nasolabial folds—the creases that run from the bottom of your nose to the corners of your mouth) as well as to add volume to your lips. Results are instantaneous and can last 4-6 months in lips and up to 6-8 months in the rest of the face!

Needle-free dermal fillers are possible thanks to the most advanced technology available on the market. The process is completed with excellent precision and is a lot safer for the patient.  This makes No- Needle Filler ideal for those who feel uncomfortable by the idea of injections. The process of having fillers can now be gentle and unobtrusive compared to traditional needles (filler with the needle can be very painful.)

With my European technique of No-Needle Filler, it is injected with a pressurized pen. This treatment is gentle and delivers instant results! The pen uses pressurized air and thus is able to penetrate to the upper layer of dermis (Papillary dermis). The filler Pen Spays an even layer of filler beneath the skin surface instead of leaving large lumps of filler like the needle. 

 Prior to your treatment you will be asked to fill out a waiver and health history form.  We assess your areas of concern, discuss your budget and come up with the best possible treatment for you.  After your session you are given a mini ice pack and home care healing ointment to help soothe and heal any areas that may be tender.  Although usually the treatment is virtually pain free, some swelling can happen dependant on the amount of filler used and area being treated.


Achieve firm and significant volume to your thinning lips. No pain, bruising, swelling or down time. Instant results!


These are the deep folds from the nose to the mouth. The use of Filler can noticeably aid in adding volume and smoothing those deep-seated lines.


These are the lines running from the corners of the mouth down to the chin. Filler helps eliminate those unsightly lines and give you your desired, natural-looking results.


A complete facial rejuvenation should include the youthful projection and volume of the chin. However, it is many times overlooked as an important feature that balances the facial contours. Thanks to Filler, it is not necessary to undergo surgery to accomplish a chin augmentation. The filler can plump the region to give your face optimal symmetry! No Needle Filler will aid in giving you a beautiful, defined jawline with lasting results.


This is one of our favorite areas to treat as the results are always satisfying for those with concavity around the lower eyes making them look tired. PLEASE NOTE: This area is VERY sensitive and bruising WILL occur.


The filler can be beneficial for stubborn lines between the brows. Used in conjunction with Botox for a deep fold in the area. (Please note: I do not do botox) Please note: This will decrease the look of the deep lines but WILL NOT prevent you from using the muscles that CAUSE the lines. 


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.3ML syringe $150

.6ml syringe $250

1ML (full) syringe $350


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*In clinic only, available by private bookings day, evening and weekend!


What exactly is Hyaluron Pen?

Hyaluron Pen is a rather simplistic device that allows generating enough pressure to launch Hyaluron Acid mixture into human skin. However, by no means, is it a miracle solution that will turn lips of any sort into lush and beautiful or remove all the wrinkles. It is just a device of transferring one liquid that is pretty vital when it comes to anti-aging and beauty into human skin. 

Is it semi-permanent? No…

By no means should the procedure even be called semi-permanent, as in the beauty industry fillers category the substance that is inserted into skin should be much longer lasting and stable like Calcium Hydroxylapatite (CaHA) to be considered semi-permanent. One has to understand that compared to CaHa (a well-studied filler produced as Radiesse), for example, that gives volume and boosts natural collagen production, Hyaluronic fillers do not stimulate collagen production at all, it just temporarily enters the skin and is then absorbed. Thus fillers used with Hyaluron Pen should be called non-permanent. 

What is this Hyaluronic Acid?

One of the reasons the procedure is rather simple and the substance inserted into the skin is safe is that the human body produces the exact same acid, that is actually composed of two sugars (Glucuronic acid and N-acetylglucosamine). No need to get scared by the chemistry related terms, the point is simple: as the human body makes the exact same chemical substance, it is pretty impossible that one would get any sort of allergic reaction or complication from the substance itself. For fillers, the substance is produced using a bacteria (Staphylococcus aureus) that basically makes it rather easy to produce it. Now, obviously one should understand why the Hyaluronic Acid exists in the human body (joints, eyeballs, skin). Hyaluronic Acid produced by the body itself exists in Epidermis and Dermis layers of the skin and one of the main functions of it is to keep water inside the skin tissue (being part of the collagen fiber network in Dermis). Keeping it simple: the more Hyaluronic Acid there is inside the Epidermis and more importantly Dermis layer of the skin, the more water is retained in the skin, the moister it is and the more youthful it looks. 

What happens to our own Hyaluronic Acid?

Over the course of the years, two things happen: the body itself produces less Hyaluronic Acid. More specifically the collagen fiber network is stretched and becomes allows less Hyaluronic Acid molecules to bind with water. It results in lesser hydration of the skin that (combined of course with the thinning of fat tissue on forehead and cheeks and thickening of it on the neck and chin and some changes in bone structure over the years), results in deepening wrinkles. However, one should understand that Hyaluronic acid molecule is a pretty tough fighter, as being a polymer and very hydrophilic (meaning it can form an enormous amount of connections and it loves to bind with water molecules, often being able to bind up to hundreds of times its own weight) it still holds the extracellular matrix pretty strong. Just the ability to be able to retain water decreases over time (thus the wrinkles etc) because the amount of collagen and thus also Hyaluronic Acid decreases. 

What happens when you add some Hyaluronic Acid into the skin?

Compared to the Hyaluronic Acid found in the body and the Hyaluronic Acid inserted into the skin, as said before, the substance is exactly the same. Actually, it is exactly the same all over the species. However, if you get a good filler, the longevity of this absolutely different. Namely, the Hyaluronic Acid the human body produces has a pretty short lifespan (around 2-4 days), however the Hyaluronic Acid inside the carrier that you are able to treat the Dermis with can last for months (more specifically 4-6 months, usually, when it comes to fillers that can be launched into Demis with Hyaluron Pen). Why would that last so much longer? It depends on the polymeric chains of the substance - namely, it is possible chemically achieve so-called cross-linking, that allows a higher number of connections to be made between the molecules of the Hyaluronic Acid inside the filler, thus slowing down the enzymatic degradation. Basically, it means that the substance still is removed from the body through the absolutely natural degradation process and it just takes more time, allowing the Hyaluronic Acid inserted to retain the water inside the skin all over its longer life-span. And, it also has to be added, that whatever filler you are dealing with, you do not want it to stay inside the skin forever (it may lead to several problems, as we all know, happened with silicone fillers). Thus the fact that you have to come for a refill in 4-6 months, is a good thing.

Are there any restrictions client-wise?

Of course, there are. However, those are not so much related to health risks as those are related to being able to meet client’s expectations. As we know, there are different categories of wrinkles and it is a pretty bad idea to take the Hyaluron Pen and tell gullible clients that those can be fixed. The skin gets a bit swollen at first, then the effects last for a couple of weeks, maybe a month, and the situation looks as it was before - no better, no worse. Thus, we would categorize Hyaluron Pen to be more of a solution for aesthetically improving one’s appearance and not fighting the effects of ageing. When it comes to lips, the treatment is often offered with some pigmentation (of course done after the lips have healed after the refill) and the results look fabulous. The procedure most definitely can not be done to pregnant women, hyper-sensitive people, oral herpes should be treated before the procedure etc. 

What can go wrong?

As with absolutely all beauty treatments, always many things can go wrong. Still compared to injecting the fillers the risks are significantly lower. First the filler mixture - if it’s of the highest quality, noncarcinogenic and of course nontoxic. When it comes to using the pen then the pain is really surprisingly minimal - it does not hurt nearly as much as injecting, thus many who have come for the procedure and have been afraid to take a refill to injected Hyaluronic Acid, have been pleasantly surprised. Also compared to injecting fillers, there is no risk for such bruising, swelling or needle marks that can happen if the person providing the treatment does not know what she’s doing with a needle. As well as it would nowadays be pretty hard to cause Necroses with the Hyaluron Pen - actually, quite impossible. Still, the procedure should be avoided (as all the lip related procedures) in the case of pregnacy, Hypersensitivity etc. And also, the last but not the least, problems have occurred with two things mainly: the provider of the procedure wants to meet the wishes of the client at any cost and goes for an insane amount or absurd lip-shape (it has to be kept natural) or (as said before) there is no client selection - incredible age-reversal is promised to an older lady with level 5 deep wrinkles and no such result is ever achieved. 


All dependant on your unique face. A consultation is required to determine the location(s) and amount needed. Call 780-995-8532 or drop me a line on the contact page of this site!